Andrew Armstrong is a technology enthusiast, business owner, and digital marketing strategist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A graduate of UC Berkeley in 2003, Andrew enjoys Cal Football games, experimenting with new technology, and chasing around his toddler son with his wife.


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6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Bolster Sales in the Near Future

artificial intelligence

Despite being in development for decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has made leaps and bounds in the past several years, largely thanks to the availability of mass amounts of data and cheap computing power. While data is a good thing for sales, processing it without…

How the iPhone 7 Reinforces the Market Potential of Hearable Devices


On September 7th, Apple released its iPhone 7, which noticeably lacked the traditional headphone jack included in all earlier models. The design change generated a litany of complaints, social backlash, and even petitions. Responding to criticism, company president Phil Schiller responded that it took “courage”…

The New Tech That’s Disrupting the Garbage Collection Industry

trash and technology

The accumulation, transportation, and storage of waste on this planet is a growing problem. The United States alone generates 230 million tons of garbage annually, equaling 4.6 pounds of waste per person daily. While we may take it for granted, municipal solid waste (MSW)…

3 Examples of Wearable Technology That Improve Posture

woman walking and looking at phone

Every worker’s been there: dealing with a tired, achy neck and back after putting in a long day of work at the office. Unfortunately, it’s become an increasingly common issue as time goes on. As the American workforce continues to shift towards desk and…

5 Tips for Successfully Pitching Investors

young entrepreneur pitching his app

For even the most bootstrapped of startups – financed only on credit card debt, ambition, and determination – there ultimately comes a time when in order to take the company to the next level, the assistance of outside investors will be required. Pitching to…

Effective Staffing Strategies for Technology Startups

Hiring the right people for the job is critical if a technology startup is going to make it through the beginning phase and survive for the long-term. But staffing a startup is a complicated art. It requires using the right interviewing techniques to spot…

Big Data Analytics and the Evolution of the Supply Chain

big data analytics

Companies today are nearly overrun with massive amounts of data about their customers, suppliers, and even potential markets thanks to evolving digital technologies. While it’s commonly said that information is power, if you don’t make proper use of that data, it’s all but useless….

Wearable Tech for the Animal Kingdom

Wearable Tech for the Animal Kingdom

Wearable technology, ranging from pacemakers to GPS devices to fitness trackers, have been utilized by people for many years now. However, a somewhat overlooked niche of the rapidly growing wearable technology market are the applications for the animal kingdom, as wearable devices are today…

Content Marketing Analytics and Attribution for B2B Enterprises

marketing analytics

Content marketing is no longer an emerging trend, but is arguably the most important facet of a digital marketing strategy for any business, particularly those in a business-to-business sector. The B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America, produced by the…

The Innovation Act: Debating How to Protect US Innovation

Innovation Act

The United States is known for its so-called “American Dream,” where anything is possible if you can dream it and are willing to do the work. But is the US as innovative as should be? Earlier this year, Congress reintroduced the Innovation Act, H.R. 9….

Emergent Technology Inspired by Nature


As concepts such as biomimicry and generative design become more popular, technology’s advancement increasingly mirrors nature’s evolutionary cycle. Looking at the inherent approach to design, computing power and cloud technologies now allow for solutions to be created through adaptations based around a problem, trying a…

Productivity and the Workplace of the Future

4 Strategies for Maximizing Your Daily Productivity

The way we work changes rapidly. The intersection of technology and architecture offers a glimpse into the workplace of the future. A typical workday no longer resembles a worker sitting in rush hour traffic for an hour, and then at a cubicle for eight…

What the Future of ID Card Technology Looks Like

What the Future of ID Card Technology Looks Like

Over the last several years, the technology behind securing and validating identification cards and driver’s licenses in the United States has evolved dramatically and is expected to continue to do so. As a result of the REAL ID Act of 2005, American citizens need…