I was born in the back room of a butcher shop in a coal mining town in northern France, and now I'm the owner of Occitan Imports, a fast-growing Internet retail company specializing in fine French table linens imported from Provence in southern France. I live in New Hampshire with my husband, my two beautiful children, and a German Shepherd dog and a Ragdoll cat who cannot really be left alone together (neither can the children).


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6 Attributes of the Perfect E-commerce Product

The vast majority of Internet retail startups fail miserably. One of the reasons for this is because the people who start them don’t understand how important their product is to the success or failure of their e-commerce business. They think that if they build a great...


The Dirty Little Secret of Multichannel Ecommerce

If you’re not familiar with the term “multichannel ecommerce,” it basically means selling your products on multiple ecommerce sales “channels” simultaneously. If you’re like most Internet retailers, one of those channels will be your own web site, likely built on ...