Leo Welder is the founder of Austin, TX-based ChooseWhat.com, an avid runner and a life-long lover of technology and entrepreneurship. Leo has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Acton School of Business and undergraduate degrees in liberal arts and finance from the University of Texas at Austin. Leo is a seasoned entrepreneur, starting his first business while in college in 1999.


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At first glance, the paperless office might seem like a daunting, unattainable ideal achieved only by the most efficient and organized entrepreneurs. However, with an adequate amount of determination (and the assistance of a few top-notch tools), you too can have the digitized ...


Top 20 Free Google Chrome Plugins for Gmail

Research conducted by the International Data Corporation states 28 percent of an average workweek is spent managing email. What was once a happy relationship with a technology that delivered messages in a matter of seconds is now a relationship that exist only out of...


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For the thousands of entrepreneurs and tech employees planning to descend on my beloved home of Austin, TX on March 10 for SXSW Interactive: welcome! Honestly, despite the challenges of adding 40,000+ people to downtown Austin for a week, it’s an honor to be the...