Lindsay Tanne is co-founder and COO of LogicPrep, an education company that helps families navigate the college admissions landscape.


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Why You Need to Stop Networking and Start Building Relationships


There’s a phrase that’s always stuck with me,“here in Brazil we don’t network — we make friends.” I thought about the journey that led to the creation of our first South American office. I thought about the business relationships my partner and I formed…

How Deadlines are a Critical Part of Your Business

4 Key Evidence Abilities for Self-Employment Success

Thought deadlines were a thing of the past? Think again. “Welcome to grown-up life,” it’s one of my favorite things I tell my students. While applying to college is a right of passage, it’s also many students’ first encounters with the demands they will…

3 Hiring Lessons From the College Admission Process

When hiring a new staff member, think back to the college admissions process for inspiration on how to identify the best fit. Just ask any founder or high school student: There are few things more competitive, stressful or fast-paced than building a company… or…