Lindsey C. Holmes is the CEO/Lead Strategist of Usable Tech Co (formerly LCH Business SM & Tech), a digital marketing firm based in Newark, NJ, with an office also in Washington, DC. Lindsey is the Evernote Small Business Ambassador, a self-taught developer, a proud geek, and mom of a shih-tzu named Banks. She spends her free time converting the masses to understand and apply the technology that will make their lives better. Follow her on Twitter @lindseycholmes.


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Chitter Wants to Give You Free Chit

Chitter is rewarding users for posting photos to social media, and businesses with quality user generated content to rival the best traditional marketing plan. As user generated content is most trusted by the consumer, Chitter hopes to “help businesses begin to ...


A Few Tips for Your First Time… At SXSW.

SXSW has become the launchpad to all things cutting edge and creative in Interactive, Film and, Music. Twitter launched, or ‘blew up‘ according to co-founder Evan Williams, at SXSW in 2007. Prince performed a six-hour comeback concert last year. Chelsea Clinton will ...


Lessons to Learn from a Drag Queen

I’m not gay, just happy. That’s how I landed at the largest gay pride festival Charlotte has had in 19 years last weekend. I was in Charlotte for a friend’s birthday, and was welcomed by gorgeous Queens in fire wares, aka Drag Queens–a few...


Shiphawk Offers Headache-Free Shipping

Do you sell on auction sites like eBay or Amazon? Like money, but hate shipping?  Me too! ShipHawk provides packing, shipping, insurance, and residential or commercial pickup services for shipments of any size.  “You can overnight a letter, or ship an earthmover, in less...


Bid on Local Services with Bidzy

Bidzy allows local service providers to place bids on services such as haircuts, nails, automotive services, etc., through their mobile app or website. A customer specifies when they need the service, how far they’d like to travel for the service, the minimum rating for...


How to Be Unfashionable, According to Donna Karan

Fashion great Donna Karan graciously shared the key to her empire’s success with a small room of bloggers and fashion influencers in the American Express (AMEX) Skybox during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) Fall 13. “Be in the now,” she said. Whew! If I ...


DC’s ProConIt Does Surveys Right

The ease and speed at which we can gather data today is remarkable and has increased, and in some cases, secured the bottom line of many businesses. ProConIt delivers the benefits of social evaluation, interactive surveys, and nicely designed embeddable widgets with their ...