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6 Helpful Networking Tips for Introverts

Data scientists, web developers, designers, engineers, and coders; these professions often attract people who prefer quiet time to think and work alone. These tendencies make the standard career advice, to “just get out there and talk to people,” sound like a major ...


4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Coding Bootcamp

High school students have plenty of resources when choosing a college. Applicants can easily find information on everything from dorm room descriptions to campus cafeteria ratings. Evaluating a coding bootcamp however, is a different story. Sure, there's lots of information ...


How to Build Company Culture with a Remote Team

For startups, the traditional office-based work structure just doesn't work. But remote work can create a bevy of new problems when it come to connecting with team members. At “Remote Life: Building Startups Through Remote Work Culture,” panel at Galvanize Golden Triangle, ...