After growing up in San Francisco, studying Psychology & Science, Technology, & Society at Stanford, marketing a mobile payments start-up in Palo Alto, and moving to Seattle for roles in Product Marketing, Tech Evangelism, & Search Advertising at Microsoft, Lisa Abdilova realized how much tech hub city environments influence start-ups and vice-versa.

As a Product Marketing Manager, Lisa coordinated over 100 experiential tech meet-up sponsorships in 20 tech hub cities around the world to shift tech enthusiasts' brand perception of Microsoft. Lisa analyzed the roots of our tech community's highly opinionated, and deep-seated beliefs to help MS Ventures, OneDrive,, Bing, and IE romance the skeptics.

With Tech in Motion's help, Lisa reached over 270,000 techies, and lifted this tech audience's brand perception by 300-600%.

Now back in mental health advocacy as the Founder/CEO of Well Connected Now, Lisa Abdilova connects professionals to professional help: mentors, coaches, and therapists.

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