Matan Talmi is an entrepreneur based out of Tel-Aviv, and covers Israeli start-ups. Being a true gadget lover, he founded Drippler, a mobile startup. When he's not working or blogging, Matan listens to music and also DJs every now and then. Follow him on Twitter at @talmixed


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Vubooo Provides A Virtual Stadium For Soccer Fans

Major sport matches draw tens of thousands of fans to the stadium to support their team. In many cases, for each fan attending the game, there are over a thousand fans watching the game at home, wishing they could be there. Vubooo, an early stage…

Socrative Spices Up The Classroom With Learning Platform

Socrative App

The classroom as we know it hasn’t changed much since our grandparents attended school. Chalks turned in to markers, overhead projectors were replaced by laptops and color projectors, but nothing really changed the way in which teachers interact with their students. …