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Shutterstock Goes Social as Google Retires Picasa


In early May, Google retired Picasa, the popular photo editing tool that customizes images for mega-popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Picasa’s retirement comes six months after Shutterstock Editor was released in beta version for the selfie-obsessed …

CreditWise Is the First App to Offer Free Credit Monitoring

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Earlier this month, Capital One became the first U.S. bank to offer free credit monitoring through a mobile app called CreditWise. The Virginia-based company launched the free app after the success of CreditTracker, a free credit tracking tool rolled out in 2014 exclusively …

How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From Business Intelligence

Much of the success of small and medium enterprises (SME) relies upon creating a system that is efficient and effective. Many entrepreneurs like to focus on sales and marketing, and some ignore optimizing their operations. However, business intelligence tools (BI) are changing …