Mordecai Hunter is a writer with aspirations to start his own consulting firm. He has traveled the globe and speaks 4 languages. In his spare time, he plays and repairs guitars and loves videogames.


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Japan Automates the Hotel Industry

A prediction: There will come a time for every industry when it turns toward automation, and machines will do most of the labor. It was true for the auto industry, and it seems to be spreading to nearly every industry. As assembly line jobs...


Can your Car Be Hacked?

Recently I purchased a new car.  My wife and I were having a baby and our old car, a ‘97 Ford Taurus had transmission issues, the speedometer didn’t work, and had 250,000+ miles on it. I strongly suspect it had way more than that,...


The Star Trek Tricorder Is Here! (Sort Of)

Star Trek has had a huge impact on the world of technology. Almost from the very beginning, the show has inspired science and innovation. From cell phones to Skype, to 3d printers to universal translators, humanity has been making one dream after another a...


Hashtags: Viral Activism Changing the Face of Society

Twitter is HUGE. It seems that anyone who is anyone has a Twitter handle. Politicians, CEOs, industry movers and shakers, even businesses have Twitter accounts that they use to keep in close contact with their customers and even address their concerns.  One of the most...