As a founder and startup advisor, Nathan focuses on creating products in high-growth tech markets, including eSports, payments, ecommerce and digital media. His most recent venture, Gamer Duel, lets people win real money competing on console games like FIFA, Madden and NHL. Nathan built Gamer Duel’s proprietary payments, matchmaking and dispute resolution platform to enable secure competitions between friends, followers or anyone in the Gamer Duel network. Nathan is also advising a number of Boston-area tech startups, from stock market competition app Waylz to writing platform Syrah.

Prior to founding Gamer Duel, Nathan served as CTO of Barstool Sports, the number one independent sports and men’s lifestyle site with more than 200 million monthly page views globally. There, Nathan oversaw the company’s technology strategy and led the rebuilding of Barstool’s technology stack from the ground up. Previous roles included senior manager of client services at eGifting currency and incentives Cash Star, and founder of nightIQ, an app for helping people plan their night lives around friends, events and locations.


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