Rehan is a Business graduate, Entrepreneur and Content Strategist. He is passionate about writing stuff for startups. His areas of interest are digital business strategy, Tech, gadgets and apps.


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How to Salvage a Negative Customer Review

In 2004, Yelp! started the most prominent customer review site in the world. Over the next few years, other review sites emerged and are now seemingly ubiquitous: Yelp! for restaurants and local services, Glassdoor for jobs, and TripAdvisor for travel and tourism. Today, ...


6 Ways to Optimize Your Spending Budget

Everyone – no matter what income level – loves to save money. So why is it that we often find ourselves spending randomly, and then wonder where our money went? While it’s completely up to you to build a budget and stick to it,...


5 Email Marketing Tips You Should Already Know

When it comes to email marketing, the key is to find the sweet spot between winning a customer and losing one. Some email marketing campaigns manage to successfully keep customers engaged and reduce ‘churn rate’, whereas others only inhibit growth and are perceived by ...


How Can Small Businesses Prevent Cyber Attacks?

Small business owners can become complacent when it comes to protecting their businesses from security breaches. In 2015, a survey on information security breaches carried out in the UK showed that 9 out of 10 large organizations suffered some form of security breach. Small...