Martin is the co-Founder of They help clients to master the mindset of their market to enable growth, engagement and personalisation. The service is part human, part machine, 100% science. You can request a free market intel report on their site.
He is a serial Entrepreneur who has founded companies in Creative Science, Consulting, Sales Training and created a Social Network.


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Atlas Allows You to Access Your Digital Memories

digital memories

What is a digital memory? Everyone’s experienced that moment when you know you saw(a file, a picture, or an article)somewhere, but you just can’t quite pinpoint where or how to find it. If only that moment was uncommon. Unfortunately, it is likely a regular occurrence…

Steve Olsher on Developing a Healthy Mindset for Success – Interview


Understanding your purpose, your own personal “What” is the key to happiness, so we asked thought leader Steve Olsher to give us some help. We sat down with Steve, a NY times bestseller of What is Your What, chairman of and radio host of Reinvention…

Will Hench of My Thread Lab on Making Shopping Easy


Imagine you have a date coming up and you, like most guys, just want to look good without having to worry about it. You want style made easy without the hassle of malls combined with a personalized experience. That is exactly what Will Hench,…

James Eder Founder of Causr on Networking the World Together

To Attract Networking Investors, Fully Leverage Your Network

Networking is an important skill of its ow. Knowing how to engage people, figure out what they want, and deciding whether or not it’s a good use of your time is incredibly challenging. Now imagine you’re traveling to a different city and don’t know…

Founder Stories: Teenpreneur Tamir Vigder on Being a Growth Hacker

growth hacker

Ever wonder what makes an entrepreneur? What is their drive? How do they know it’s their destiny to create, build, start up and grow? In this edition of Founder Stories, I sat down with Tamir Vigder, an inspirational young man who, at an incredible young age, has figured…

When Designing a Platform, Don’t Forget the User


The inherent beauty of design thinking is often lost when new platforms are put together. While designers and developers spend months building a single platform, they can get lost in the minutia of everyday tasks, often missing out on the big picture. They forget…