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5 Bitcoin Core Alternatives That Don’t Fork the Blockchain

bitcoin core blockchain

Did you know you can run a node on the Bitcoin network without using the Bitcoin Core software? And that you can do so without causing the blockchain to fork? In the last two months Bitcoin has experienced two successful hard forks that split…

New York Releases Final BitLicense Draft: Its Impact on Startups


After having been under review since August 2013, the final draft of New York’s BitLicense was released last night, as reported by CoinDesk. The BitLicense outlines New York’s regulatory oversight for virtual currencies, expecting other states follow suit. The proposal highlights weaknesses in virtual currencies…

Bitcoin Investment Has Neglected the Third World

Bitcoin Investment Has Neglected the Third World

Coindesk, the leading Bitcoin news site, stated in its latest quarterly report (The State of Bitcoin and Blockchain) that one of the most heralded areas of bitcoin disruption, “banking for the unbanked” has been the most disappointing area of interest when it comes to…