I am a digital marketing consultant with over 8 years of experience working with companies like Target, Best Buy and the Department of Defense. I also hold a Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Communications.


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5 Strategies for a Successful Blog in 2016

The Internet changes more than the weather, but luckily for us it’s a little easier to predict. Not easy, mind you, but certain predictions here hold more weight than, say, plotting the path of a hurricane. Blogging evolves based on certain evolutionary trends, and...


7 Hosted eCommerce Solutions for Small Businesses

I’ve set up, scaled and sold over 20 eCommerce websites. Over the course of that process I learned a lot. I hate to use cliches, but I the most valuable lessons I learned were through my failures. My biggest failure was trying to build out...


A Detailed Guide: The 101 on Guest Blogging in 2015

Before even touching the subject of “guest blogging” it’s important to get something straight—guest blogging is an effective and encouraged practice, despite what most think. Last year the former Head of Webspam (and essentially the SEO spokesman) of Google Matt Cutts ...


10 Valuable Lessons Marketers Can Learn from BuzzFeed

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve read an article or two (or, you know, 600) on BuzzFeed. As one of the Internet’s most popular news and media sources, BuzzFeed has made a name for itself with its popular quizzes, articles and listicles (it’s...


Improve Your Video Marketing Efforts Overnight

I just read a post about video marketing tips and I felt compelled to write a follow up article. The premise of the article is correct – if you aren’t amplifying content using video you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. However, you probably...