Santosh Satya is the Head of Content Development for KM Media. His idea focuses on positive stories and viral news. Over the last 5 years he has served in various social media agencies helping various brands to accomplish their goals.


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Paytm Challenges Competitors in India with Mobile Shopping App

Paytm Challenges Competitors in India with Mobile Shopping App

There are currently close to 100 million smartphone users in India alone, and an increasingly large number of them have acquired the habit of doing their shopping online. Couple this with the dramatically rising power of e-commerce, and you will understand why giants of…

What Burglars Can Teach Us about Network Security

network security

A little more than a decade ago, three famous paintings were on display at the Whitworth Gallery, an art museum in Manchester, England. Since the works of Gauguin, Picasso, and Van Gogh were valued at about $8 million, they were heavily protected by security…

10 Email Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Email Marketing

In a society that has progressed to social media and tweets, emails seem to be a lost art, or just a random form of correspondence. Back in the day when the internet was originally brought to the public’s attention, email was the only way…

Taxes: Large Corporations vs Small Businesses and Startups

Most people are aware that businesses pay taxes differently than individuals. What you might not realize is that the differences don’t stop there. In fact, there are distinct differences in the way a small startup pays taxes versus a large corporation. The Tax Differences…

10 Steps to Keep Projects on Track

Given the recurring fact that incomplete projects are the norm rather than the exception, project management success might simply be defined as finishing a project. However, despite the enormous difficulties in projects actually going according to plan, organizations still expect quick, inexpensive, high-quality work….