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Remote Access Rules to Set for Mobile Workplace

For companies that operate with a geographically dispersed team, managing secure data flow across multiple platforms and locations typically is a major challenge. As reported by esna last year, as much as 77% of companies with over 2,500 employees allow remote working, while ...


The Darker Side of BYOD in Education

Brian Meller recently did a nice overview of BYOD benefits in education, highlighting the ways it is reshaping modern classrooms. Considering this potential, it is unsurprising that educational institutions are rushing to implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and take ...


2 Global Alternatives to Starting Up in Silicon Valley

Although Silicon Valley remains a golden standard for startup companies, new technology hubs around the world have emerged to support further developments. With almost 140,000 new startup businesses launched every day (according to the last year’s World Startup Report), it is ...