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Can Biotech Survive its Own Success?

Biotechnology may sound futuristic but it’s something humans have been doing for a long time. Biotechnology is simply working biology – particularly live organisms – to our advantage. For thousands of years we’ve used biotechnology in agriculture, food production ...


New Tech is Changing Lives for the Visually Impaired

As tech moves forward, dead ends that previously seemed to block advancement can be circumnavigated to find new solutions – even ones that previously seemed impossible.  Visual issues affect many people in the world. Whether it’s because of age or because we don’t ...


How Solar Panels Can Help Your Business Get Ahead

With use of solar energy increasing and a climate-induced doomsday looming, you might have considered powering your business with solar panels. The benefits for business is two-fold – solar power can reduce costs and help a business align themselves with consumers who are ...


Tech Trends: Predicting the Future of Technology

Decades ago, it was predicted that the future would hold hover boards, home robots and holograms, and fast global air travel and mobile phones were the stuff dreams were made of. Although our modern day homes and workplaces have stopped short of in-house robots...