As a graduate from the Marshall School of Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California, Mitch Goldstone is a longtime leader in the photo imaging industry and co-founder of, the Ecommerce photo digitization service which has scanned more than a quarter billion pictures


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The Problem with Today’s Photo-Sharing Apps

Are you among the many rhapsodizing about the new photo-sharing apps? Each service enables you to easily find, edit, and share photos faster than ever. The tech media’s firestorm of comprehensive reviews, especially for Google Photos were remarkable for empowering you to ...


Politics of Business “Trumped” by Macy’s Boycott

Just days preceding the annual sponsorship of New York City’s Fourth of July Fireworks celebration, the largest department store company in the U.S. was pounded with a boycott threat. Enjoyed by millions of spectators, this iconic window-dressing to year-round support for ...


Plug the Drought With a Picture

Have you recently driven or strolled past a water waster? Seen a damaged sprinkler head with faulty valves, spraying geyser-high precious water skyward or onto the street? As a staunch pro-consumer and business advocate, I’m the guy who took on and won the largest...


Donald’s $3 Website Trumps Reality

Among the “huge” number of misstatements by the almost-official presidential candidate, Donald Trump, was this tale about his $3 web sites. During Tuesday’s performance art by Mr. Trump, he denigrated not just our foreign partners and anything that crossed his path. The ...


3 Ways To Make News For Your Business

Unless you are a giant multinational conglomerate, the probability of scoring major media profiles is dim at best. This advice is based on 25-years of “making news,” without the advantage and oppressive cost of engaging leading public relations advocates. These three simple ...


Unconventional Ways to Hack CES

Are you a startup looking to make the most of your CES experience? These gems for how to hack CES may come with challenges this year due to the unprecedented security, but whether it's to make news, network, or sell, you'll need a modern-day...