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7 Car-Related Apps to Avoid Getting a Ticket

Whether it's a speeding ticket or a parking ticket, legal fines are nothing to scoff at. Although some will be more expensive than others, there are hidden costs, too. Thankfully, modern mobile computing has made it possible to avoid many types of traffic tickets out...


7 Personal Finance Apps to Manage your Money

If you’re looking for a convenient and sophisticated way to manage your money, you should know there is an app for that. In fact, there are several apps that will help you with your finances, depending on your goals and the specific financial assistance...


6 New Tech Ideas for a Modern Smart Home

For anyone who’s often dreamed of living in luxury and in style, a new day has dawned in the world of high-tech gadgets for the home. Now, homeowners across the country and the world are able to control their domestic surroundings with the touch...


What Does the Future Have in Store for Hoverboards?

Hoverboards were supposed to be the hottest tech gift of the holiday season; instead, they literally became they hottest gifts – for all the wrong reasons. The self-balancing scooters (that don’t actually hover at all) have been all over the news recently after claims...


8 Best Investing Apps for 2016

Investing in the stock market is a fast-paced, pivot-on-a-dime interest. It takes constant monitoring and split-second decision making, no matter what else is going on. Now that smartphones have become a staple in everyone’s lives, they and the apps that come with them are...


6 New Sports Apps to Grab in 2015

2015 is the best year yet to be a sports fan. If you own a smartphone, you have a new world of sports entertainment right in the palm of your hand. Sports apps allow you to access the latest news, schedules and stats with...


How Technology Is Changing the Cigarette Business

The cigarette industry has an extensive history, but for the most part cigarettes have remained as technologically uncomplicated as they were several decades ago. These small paper bundles of tobacco, filters, and chemicals have fluctuated in popularity through the ages, rising ...


The 7 Best Sports Apps

It’s possible there’s never been a better time to be a sports fan than right now. Seeing a game at home in HD lets you get new views of the action. Smartphones make it possible to be up to date at all times on...