Sheila Eugenio a tech enthusiast and Digital Marketing Consultant. Sheila has consulted with several mediums to large businesses on how to position their brand and attract the right audience.


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Technology Is Rapidly Upgrading the Events Industry

Events have always been a large segment of the entertainment industry, offering experiences and escapes for virtually any interest or business application. They have, however, been largely untouched by technology, until recently. One of the main reasons the industry has begun to ...


How Technology Is Changing the Fitness Industry Today

Technology is pervasive in the fitness industry. While most people don’t think of workout equipment as technology, they can indeed be considered “machines” that enhance the quality of human activity. The industry is shifting away from these rudimentary tools and leveling ...


How Technology Influences the Future of Energy Management

By 2018, 70 percent of utilities are predicted to launch major digital transformations in response to the challenges faced in their current business model. For utilities, vendors, and regulators, the challenge is not just to examine and optimize existing processes, but also ...


This Is Why Your Webinar Strategy Is Failing

Believe it or not, most business owners with regular webinars don't know why they have a webinar in the first place. Answers range from, “It’s just a good way to engage with customers” to the more infinitely more frustrating “We think it’s really good for...


5 Ways Technology Is Helping to Gamify Education

From 2010 to 2014, CB Insights found that the edtech industry saw 503 percent growth in total investment dollars. By 2020, it;s estimated to be a $192 billion industry. With the current high school dropout rate at 1.2 million across the country, educators are grasping for...


4 Reasons Why Mobile Is the Future of Retail

Retail is an industry experiencing rapid changes, with big players trying to improve delivery times. Production speed and countless other factors to satisfy consumers with evolving needs and lifestyles. While brick and mortar companies work to develop new channels to connect ...


3 Ways Tech Is Empowering Freelancers

By now we’ve all heard of the term ‘shared economy’. Or at least the companies that spearheaded this movement, such as Uber, Airbnb, RelayRides or TaskRabbit. After the 2008 financial crisis, we’ve seen a decline in quality corporate jobs. And thus people are ...


MRIs, Machine Learning, and the Future of Health Tech

Healthcare systems around the world are faced with an epidemic of metabolic and obesity-related diseases. Accurate and direct measurement of body composition has been prohibitively expensive in the past. Forcing clinicians and researchers to use indirect and inaccurate metrics. ...