Chaney is Founder and CEO of VendorMach, a supply chain trust scoring platform. Former technology integration and risk product lead at Humana Inc, he is a sought after speaker on big data and AI trends. He has degrees from Booth, Kings College London and Howard University.


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The 5 Key Impacts of Brexit on the European Tech Community

Theresa May's Brexit notice just took place: The Article 50 letter has been delivered to Brussels. While we ponder what it means for those trading with the UK and in Europe, here are some macroeconomic signals to watch out for. 1: Stalled M&A Deals LSE...


Demystifying the Customer Acquisition Cost

For many small and medium sized businesses (SMB), the customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a vague term. But it's one of several metrics that can help manage a growing business. The simplest way to look at it in layman terms is for (x) paying...


When Do You Need a CTO?

Had lunch recently with the CTO of a growing lead generation company and as we talked, it became apparent that this question is a growing decision point for Founders. When do you need a CTO? The question of whether you need a CTO and...


Talent Turnover and Growth in Tech

Recently while chatting with a venture capitalist in NYC, I was asked, what are the two main challenges in Europe? Well the first one – lack of growth (product market fit) funds – is becoming ever more visible. The second challenge is one that I...


NYC vs. Silicon Valley: 5 Factors to Consider

While the debate of NYC vs. Silicon Valley has been covered in numerous articles, it is important to revisit it in light of some recent shifts in US venture capital activity. Venrock's Nick Beim notes that New York has been the fastest-growing technology startup ecosystem in ...


Post-Accelerator and Growth Funding in Berlin

A couple of weeks ago, a colleague and I went on a trip to Vienna, Austria to deliver a keynote to a state-funded innovation agency to discuss entrepreneurship and the role of mentoring. One of the key points that came out of that discussion...


Does “Growth Hacking” Actually Work for B2B Startups?

A couple of weeks ago, I chatted with a co-founder of a content management SMB looking for a growth hacker with tech skills. So I asked, you mean a VP of Marketing with a data-driven mindset? And it got me thinking. Where did marketing's latest...


MBAs, Accelerators, MOOCs, Can’t We All Get Along?

Recently, there's been an increase in the number of articles bashing MBAs joining startups. With the rising trend of MOOCs and accelerators (aka startup schools) I’d like to get in on the debate on why the product of business schools – MBAs- can coexist...