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Is Adobe Flash Really so Dangerous?

The latest tidings around Mozilla’s decision to block Adobe Flash has blewn up the Internet. The main reason for such action is a series of vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by hackers. Now users can see only the blocked plugin page with a warning:...


Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ Threatens Online Businesses

On April 21, the online world braced itself for what has been coined “Mobilegeddon.” It’s the latest in a series of major Google overhauls that affect businesses which appear on the site’s search results. This particular shake-up is a change to Google’s algorithm ...


RapidSOS Aims to Save of Lives through Award-Winning App

A new app poised to “revolutionize emergency response and communication” has won the Harvard Business School’s 2015 New Venture Competition. RapidSOS, founded by three Harvard MBA students, won the $50,000 prize with their pitch that promised to update an antiquated and ...


5 Apps for Making College Student’s Life Easier

Students have always been among the first to embrace all things new: new technologies, new ideas, new views on life. Thus, it is only logical that absolute majority of them uses all kinds of gadgets and apps: for fun and for education. Sometimes both....


Visual Content to Rise In 2015

The web world is changing and so are the marketing strategies to promote a business online. It has been said that an image speaks a thousand words, which is going to be true in 2015 as visual content is going to take the lead. How...


Tips to Prepare for a Successful Mobile App Launch

The mobile applications market is not just about making an application and launching it on the respective app store. The growth in this industry has made mobile applications business more critical so as to make it more dynamic and revenue ensuring. Marketing indeed comes...


Great Alternatives to Adobe PDF

In the past, if you didn’t own a business with funding to purchase an expensive PDF creator, like Adobe, you were forced to pay someone to do it for you, and it wasn’t cheap. Creating a PDF wasn’t only expensive, it was also labor...