Mike Templeman is the founder of Foxtail Marketing, a tech focused demand generation firm. He's a die-hard 80's movie aficionado and is a recovering Canadian. He maintains columns at Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Tech Cocktail. You can find out more about Mike at Foxtail Marketing.


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5 Reasons Companies Should Turn Their Waste Into Profits

Every time a food or beverage is produced and every time a personal care product is manufactured, a tremendous amount of waste is inevitably generated. Many byproducts (or what we as consumers call “waste”) of production processes simply cannot be economically utilized — ...


Inbound Marketing And Tech: A Match Made In Heaven

Unless you have been living under a rock the past few years, you should already know about inbound marketing. This phenomenon first came on the scene in 2006 and has since completely revolutionized the way that we think about marketing in general. And in...


What Does it Take to Get to a Billion Dollars?

There’s a term that’s becoming commonplace in the business community. The term is “unicorn” and it’s used to describe startups that are still privately held and are valued at over a billion dollars. Now, this doesn’t mean they have a billion dollars in revenue,...


How to Make your SaaS Product Incredibly Sticky

Do you know what stickiness is?  It’s the quality that every SaaS product needs in order to ensure customer retention and build their customer base into brand evangelists. Which begs the question, what are brand evangelists?  They are the drivers of your message and...


Here are Five Industries Ripe for Disruption

One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is disrupting the status quo.  When we feel that we can innovate or improve upon a current process, it’s in our nature to do what we can to bring about that change.  So, if you’re...


4 Ways to Build Your Thought Leadership

This post originally appeared on Foxtail Marketing's blog, The Fox Den. Thought leadership is the new big thing on the Internet. As everyone gains a microphone and the ability to broadcast their thoughts and ideas, it becomes increasingly difficult to sort through the useless ...


Tech Partnerships: An Essential Part of Business

Partnerships are an integral part of doing business.  This is especially true in the tech industry.  Some of the largest companies in the world have partnered at different points in their history, and some continue to partner to this day.  This infographic gives a...


Swift: Apple is About to Become Even More Popular

Recently, at WWDC, Apple made the announcement of the new coding language, Swift.  To many who don’t understand coding or programming, this didn’t seem like such a big announcement. But to those of us in the programming community, this has some monumental implications for...


How Service Desks Help Corporations

Service desks are becoming more and more common in companies large and small. With many employees utilizing numerous mobile devices, their work-issued desktop, and a laptop, it's becoming a nightmare for companies to manage those devices and support them without the aid of a...