Timothy Matanovich is president of Value and Pricing Partners, and author of Profitable Technology Services Pricing - How to use offering design and pricing strategy to accelerate sales and increase willingness to pay, available on Amazon. Tim’s clients include, Nikon Precision, CDK Global, Kodak Alaris and Informatica.


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The Pros and Cons to Freemium Pricing in Tech

It’s more than just a clever portmanteau: “Freemium” is a popular trend for tech software that’s been around for years, and it’s only been gathering steam. Think about any app or program you’ve seen that’s available in two tiers: free  or premium — freemium ...


How High Discounting is Hurting Your Tech Business

Technology is one of the most quickly evolving and dynamic industries in the world – driven by almost constant discovery and innovation in regards to buyer behavior trends and products or services. In order to stay at pace in this fast-moving environment, IT marketers...