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FreshNeck: Netflix for Menswear Accessories

FreshNeck is a subscription-based, men’s accessories exchange service. Members can access FreshNeck’s vibrant and versatile stock of neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks based on their tiered subscription, through FreshNeck’s visually crisp website. Membership ...


Secure Quorum: Is Your Company Ready for a Crisis?

Unfortunately, tragic events in recent memory have illustrated the crucial need of efficient and effective response in times of emergency or crisis. The stakes are high, time is at a premium, and mistakes are compounded. This is the reason companies big and small, governments,...


Crowdfund Your College Tuition with Campus Slice

One of the most powerful and inspiring innovations of the modern Internet age, crowdfunding creates opportunities for individuals to raise monetary support to achieve their goals. Campus Slice utilizes the crowdfunding model to help current and prospective college students raise ...


Splenvid: Create Beautiful Videos, No Editing Required

Coming this spring, Splenvid is the latest solution to creating meaningful and comprehensive video content. Founded by former Google employees Henry Green and Jeff Raubitschek, Splenvid’s ambitious goal is to create videos automatically for you, no editing required. Green ...