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Successfully Converting the Multi-Device User

Which one of us can go a whole week without any tech devices? No smartphones, no laptops, no tablets, nothing. OK, how about a day then? If you’re anything like the people surveyed by Facebook last year, a large proportion of you wouldn’t manage...


Phone Calls Are Not Dead: 5 Interesting Calling Apps

We live in a world that shrinks with every passing year. Technological developments in digital devices and communication have resulted in a permanently connected population. You can talk to business clients on the other side of the world, send messages to friends on different...


20 Point Pre-Launch Checklist for your New Website

Launching a new website can be exciting, nerve wracking, and frustrating – all at once. With easy drag and drop website makers available dime-a-dozen, you’d think it would be different now than it was just a handful of years ago. But there are a...


Cloud-Based Application Delivery: Who’s Leading the Way?

Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) provide load balancing, acceleration, traffic shaping and other services that improve the performance, availability and security of web applications. ADCs have traditionally come in the form of appliances, however a new type of service, ...


The 3 Irrefutable Tenets of Mobile App Marketing

There’s been this perpetual tussle between those who favor using apps and those who prefer a website with responsive design or dynamic serving to promote a brand. But by now, it’s pretty clear that to truly succeed online and on mobile, businesses need to have a...


6 Free Apps for Startup Entrepreneurs to Save Money

Startup entrepreneurs often need to juggle many roles, ranging from administrative assistant and accountant to project manager and marketer. But thanks to technology, things have become much smoother. Today, there is a wealth of apps available to help small businesses streamline ...


5 Must-Have Tools for Ecommerce Success in 2015

Consumer demands from brands and businesses change with every technological disruption, whether it is noticeable or not. Each year brings in a new set of opportunities and challenges. An ecommerce site, therefore, needs to be always prepared to change, upgrade, or even revamp ...


Smart Tools to Move and Run Your Business from Mobile

Businesses all over the world would have never thought that the power of commerce would shift into the hands of the customer, literally. Mobile devices are the new access points with customers using mobile for practically everything from conducting searches to mobile commerce ...