Social Media Junkie and Strategist, Internet Marketer and Tech Savy. I have helped many companies to create buzz, so that their branding dominates all social and marketing mediums in their niche. Also a Film Enthusiast & Aspire to be a Film Maker sooner or later.By the way I love to argue.


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5 SEO Scams That Are Here to Stay

An SEO scam is easy to pull off whenever the customer knows less than the service provider and the latter sees this as their opportunity to deceive. Dishonest service providers will use plenty of jargon to appear more knowledgeable and trick customers into believing...


The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Good Digital Citizen

Just like in the real world, people also belong to one or more online communities in the digital world, which grants them their digital citizenship. As digital citizens, we have various rights and responsibilities; ideally, good online citizens should always act with respect ...


5 Online Marketing Trends of 2014

Some online marketing trends are going to take years to die, and some come-and-go within a matter of months. We are well in to the year 2014, so here are some of the most prevalent trends of the year. Images are still becoming more...