Will Blears is an entrepreneur and founder of Perceptive Digital a boutique agency which specialises in digital paid advertising for medium to large brands. He is also a blogger over at One Mans Brand where he helps teach people how to make an income from online marketing.


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5 Features that are essential when shopping for a gaming laptop

best gaming laptop 2017

With their premium prices, colorful designs and powerful components, gaming laptops are a different kind of beast compared to the standard all-purpose laptops. This is an important note if you plan on playing any of the latest games such as Battlefield 1 or Star Wars Battlefront….

4 Consumer Trends We Will See in 2016

Consumer trends describe the ways in which everyday people go about researching, finding, and obtaining the products and services they want or need. The following consumer trends will give you some valuable insight when it comes to opportunities for innovation in the coming year….