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Tim Cook’s Brilliant Didi Investment Is Already Paying Off

Recently, Uber sold all of its China operations to archival Didi. From a purely short-term financial perspective, the deal was a win-win. Uber got to walk away with $7 billion worth of equity in return for its $2 billion Chinese market investment. They also get…

Didi Will Be Apple’s Trojan Horse Into the Chinese Market

Didi Will Be Apple's Trojan Horse Into the Chinese Market

Apple invested $1 billion in Didi, the Chinese competitor to Uber. A move like that has various positive ramifications. From a purely direct financial ROI point of view, this will prove to be a boon for Apple’s investment portfolio and it will eclipse the…

Your iPhone 6+ is Causing Your Neck and Back Pain

iphone posture

I have been an avid reader for the vast majority of my life; I remember the amazing journeys that French literature books took me on and I have been hooked since the age of 12. However, I have never experienced the excruciating pain that I…