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Google Reveals New Slate Pixel Tablet and Home Hub

Google’s just-launched Pixel Slate takes on the tablet market with impressive results. Also just launched, the Home Hub is Google’s very serviceable and aggressively priced home assistant device. Here are the specs to expect, as well as when you can get each device.


Oculus Quest – Is This The VR Gamechanger?

Facebook has announced the Oculus Quest, an all-in-one VR headset pitched as a gaming machine free of wires, needing no separate PC to run. We explain why the Oculus Quest may finally have what it takes to bring VR to the masses in an accessible, affordable format.


Is Space Actually Being Democratized?

Space remains – perhaps inevitably – a frontier for the super rich, or for governments with billions to invest. As Elon Musk prepares to launch a Japanese billionaire to the moon, we examine likelihood of the rest of us experiencing space travel.