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3CX Review

June 20, 2018

12:43 pm

3cx business phones logo
  • Established: 2005
  • HQ: Tampa, FL
  • Designed for Windows
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud-based

A popular provider specifically designed for Windows

Used by more than 30,000 companies worldwide, 3CX’s systems are preconfigured to integrate with IP phones, VoIP gateways, and SIP trunks, which means you don’t have to configure these devices separately.

With its VoIP technology, 3CX claims you can cut your telephone bills in half by eliminating the need for expensive traditional PBX hardware, and lowering your overall mobile and customer service number bills.

  • Solutions for Small, Medium, and Large businesses
  • Click2Call and CRM Integration
  • Mobile options for Apple and Android

3CX makes your business communications easy. As a software-based IP PBX service designed specifically for running Windows, it can connect your main business lines to smartphones and computers. Plus, with a simple license code, you’ll be able to get started without a lot of complicated setup.

Pricing for 3CX is based on how many simultaneous calls the system needs to support at one time. There are three different pricing plans, with increasingly premium features.

If you’re just testing it out against your landline, 3CX will allow you to use their most basic software for free for one whole year. You’ll get unlimited extensions, including free web conferencing participants and a full Unified Communications feature set.

3CX Telephone Services: Core Features

3CX Mobile App

The 3CX apps, available for Android and iOS, are said to set the standard for mobile phone VoIP clients. Using an inbuilt tunnel to avoid firewall issues, callers can connect to their business’ phone system over 4G or WiFi.

Additionally, companies aren’t charged a licensing fee for additional phones, which helps support mobility while keeping the overall system cost down. And like all of 3CX features, configuring the mobile clients can be done easily via email, and without the help of technical support.

3CX Phone SystemCall Center/Contact Center

Available for only Pro and Enterprise clients, the 3CX Call Center is filled with a bevy of helpful, premium features. From queue monitoring and statistics to CRM integration and call recording search, you’ll get access to every aspect of your business’ communication data and then some.

Web Meetings

The 3CX phone system offers essential unified communication features such as presence (online status) and instant messaging, but it also comes with enhanced video conferencing functions as well, dubbed WebMeeting. This feature allows businesses to have virtual meetings, while maintaining important face-to-face communication.

Using Google’s WebRTC technology, participants only have to open a browser to join a meeting, rather than download software or plug-ins. As a result, they can take advantage of clear video and voice communication. WebMeeting is available as a free hosted add-on to your 3CX phone system, and it requires no additional servers or bandwidth.

Never Miss a Call with 3CX

In an increasingly mobile world, being tied to your office can be quite the burden. Fortunately, with 3CX, you’ll be able to take your business line with you on the go. Between the easy-to-use software and the integrated video calling, 3CX will become your go-to hub for business communication.

There’s so much more to 3CX other than just saving your business money. Check out this handy video covering some of the features within the platform, including helpful reporting, customer service tools, and many more.

Set Up and Customer Support

Adding a new system to your business can be a bit stressful, particularly one that is so essential to every day tasks.  Wth 3CX though, you’ll be guided through the entire process with a massive catalog of helpful videos, documentation, and online courses that will make installing and setting up your new system easier than you ever could’ve hoped.

Customer support, on the other hand, doesn’t provide as much help. You’ll be able to ask other customers for help, and their customer portal has a lot of answers. But getting someone on the phone, for example, is going to be difficult, and receiving a response from their contact form is hardly helpful when you’re looking for hands-on help. Just rely on the documentation and hope you don’t hit any serious snags.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Online forum of clients
  • Customer and partner portal
  • Support contact form

Training options

  • Online training videos
  • Online training manuals
  • Virtual live courses

Case Study

Avante Care and Support

When you’re working in the not-for-profit sector, you don’t have extra resources to waste on an inefficient phone system. Avante Care and Support is a charity providing home care and support services in nine dementia facilities across the country, which means they need to be able to communicate effectively and quickly. 3CX provided just that.

Previous to 3CX, Avante Care and Support’s phone system would regularly shut down for days and even weeks for regular maintenance and small problems. With 3CX though, they’ve been able to stay in contact with their facilities for a fraction of their original costs.

“3CX is a great business phone system. It does everything you could possibly want at an extremely competitive price. The support services are great and the user guides available are outstanding. The best thing about 3CX is that it’s a software you can install on a standard PC and have a basic phone system working within hours,” said Carl Vivash, IT Manager for Avante Care & Support.

Plus, thanks to 3CX’s ability to easily add more lines for a small price bump, Avante Care & Support will be able to scale easily without having to interrupt their service.

3CX Plans and Pricing

The cost of 3CX is an annual license price based on how many simultaneous calls the system needs to support at one time. Whether you need to support four lines or more than a thousand, 3CX has a wide range of price options that will fit your needs.

On top of the cost for calls supported, 3CX offers three separate pricing plans: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The Standard version provides very few additional features and, unless you only need the bare minimum from a phone system, is more of a “free demo” for a small business rather than a standalone system.

The Pro and Enterprise packages are the full-fledged versions of the phone system, including features like Call Center, which provides queue monitoring, Listen & Whisper, CRM integration, and a whole lot more. They also offer integration with a wide range of programs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Office 365.

With so many moving parts in a pricing plan, it can be hard to know exactly how much you’re going to pay. If you’re truly interested in upgrading your business phones, get a customizable quote for your company now using our price comparison form.

Final Verdict

If your company runs on Windows and you need a phone system solution that’s going to make mobile a priority, 3CX is kind of a no-brainer- for a small business. Between the year-long trial period for four lines or less, the unmatched mobile options for your business line, and affordable price points once you decide to upgrade, 3CX handles it all.

For the already-established medium to large businesses out there, it’s worth noting that customer reviews state the reporting could use a bit of an upgrade. But you’d be hard-pressed to find any small business that would consider this a deal-breaker, considering all the other benefits listed above.

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