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Pinterest Just Bought Instapaper

The concept of saving something to read for later might not sound like an entire business to you, but it does to Pinterest, which just bought Instapaper. Instapaper, an app for Android and iOS, lets users save articles to read later on anything from their…


Yahoo’s 15 Most Useless Acquisitions

With news that Verizon has acquired Yahoo, the days of independence for the trail-blazing company have come to an end. And while Marissa Mayer has made a number of significant moves in her time at the helm, there have been plenty of bone-headed moves…


Monster Acquires Mobile Job-Search Startup Jobr

Jobr, a mobile app-based job search startup, picked up $2 million in seed funding in 2014. Now, they’re already exiting: job-search website Monster just gobbled them up in an undisclosed deal. The Jobr app has described itself as “Tinder for jobs,” thanks to …