Holga’s New Camera Fuses Vintage Aesthetic With Modern Tech

September 9, 2015

9:00 pm

In 1981 T.M. Lee created the first ever Holga camera with the vision to inspire millions of Chinese to create lasting memories with a simple, affordable camera. You see, at the time the first Holga hit the market photography was an expensive luxury in China that few could indulge in.

Today, Holga has inspired not only Chinese people but millions of individuals around the world with its unique imagery. Simply put, the Holga camera is widely considered a classic.

Last week we wrote about Polaroid’s new camera that splices modern tech with vintage design. Mind you, Polaroid is also considered to be one of the most influential, classic cameras as well. To that end, and not to be outdone, Holga announced that they’ve been working on a new camera as well.


The Holga Digital was launched this week onto a Kickstarter campaign. Living up to Lee’s initial desire to inspire photographers from all walks of life, Holga Digital has been funded well beyond their initial goal to over $170,000.

As ever, Holga is trying to establish themselves from their competition – read: Polaroid – by using the same plastic body that Holga users love. Like all other digital cameras, it also uses an SD card instead of classic film rolls.


However, you’ll notice that there’s no viewfinder on the camera at all – it’s one of the major distinctions between Holga Digital and other offerings. Not only will you have to snap the photo through a viewfinder, you’ll also need to wait until the pictures are on your computer before seeing how the shots turned out.

“Old things are always fascinating to the current generation, especially those who have the freedom to express themselves,” reads the Kickstarter page. “It’s like how some people love listening to vinyl albums on a turntable: they will buy one if they can neglect all the technical complication.”

Reducing that technical complication might sound like a bit of a nuisance at first glance, but think what that does for the overall price. After everything is said and done, you can get your hands on a Holga Digital for as low as $79: they’ve remained committed to keeping the price low but the fun factor high.

You don’t need to fiddle with shutter speed, aperture, IOS, or white balance at all. The camera was designed for everybody from first timers all the way to photography pros though, and if you want to get some customization on your shots you can equip different lenses and external flashes for different effects. Here, check out some of the different shots people have taken:

Holga 1

Holga 2

Holga 3

The overarching drive with the Holga Digital release is to revolutionize digital cameras via the world’s most creative digital camera system. We’d love to hear your take on it though: does Holga live up to their mission? Or does Polaroid still reign supreme in your eyes – comment below!




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