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Net2Phone Review

June 20, 2018

11:31 am

Net2Phone has made a name for itself in the telecom industry by focusing on one particular facet of VoIP calling: SIP trunking.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking uses VoIP to facilitate a connection between a private branch exchange (or PBX) and the internet.

It’s an essential part of making a call online. However, rather than offering a complete VoIP package or PBX system, Net2Phone simply provides the technology for other companies to merge voice and data lines into one scalable IP connection, thereby making their VoIP solutions possible.

Net2Phone primarily runs a partnership program. Unlike many other telecom businesses that sell proprietary software and tools for online calling directly to its customers, the company sells its SIP trunking solution to partners that then resell it.

Positioning itself as a leading provider of SIP trunking services, Net2Phone claims that it can help its partners’ corporate clients save up to 90% on long-distance calling.

Product, Service and Solutions Overviews

  • Partner programs
  • Call center solutions
  • Small business and enterprise solutions

Partner programs

Net2Phone’s trunking services are ideal for any business or enterprise looking to save money on long-distance calling.

As a Net2Phone partner, you can enjoy benefits such as savings on long-distance calls, reduced rates and superior audio quality for inbound and outbound calls, and no additional hardware; its SIP trunking system can be virtually configured with your existing IP PBX system.

Additionally, the company’s SIP trunking solution is highly interoperable. It’s certified to work with the products and services of other major telecom companies, such as Cisco, Avaya, Elastix and more.

Whether you’re an IP PBX provider, internet telephony provider, system integrator, IT or web hosting company, Net2Phone allows your customers to save considerable infrastructure costs.

It provides an end-to-end turnkey solution for your clients that can be integrated into your customizable calling plans.

Call center solutions

Net2Phone can enhance your clients’ or business’ call center. Not only can SIP trunking improve call-agent productivity, it cuts operating costs and delivers some additional system flexibility as well.

If your inbound and outbound call volume varies, Net2Phone can help, regardless of the size of the call center.

SIP trunking supplies competitive rates, unlimited channels at no charge, calling line ID, reporting, customized soft phones, and more.

Small business and enterprise solutions

Most small businesses invest in internet-calling services because they’re a smart way to save money. Along these lines, Net2Phone’s trunking solution consolidates voice and data traffic in a single network connection without changing your company’s existing infrastructure.

The result is an advanced, more affordable phone system.

Additionally, businesses can use it to allow international associates to easily get in touch through virtual numbers – a boon for any company working across borders.

Net2Phone’s service can route business calls to employees’ mobile phones, works with legacy or IP systems, and operates on a pay-as-you-go model, allowing small businesses much-needed flexibility.

Meanwhile, Net2Phone’s solution for enterprises shares many of these features, while providing value to midmarket and large businesses seeking to build out their telecom service with minimal investment.

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Case Studies

  • Onur Air
  • Ihlas News Agency

Onur Air

As one of the largest airlines in Turkey, Onur Air has transported more than 2.4 million passengers in its 11 years serving the European market (as of 2004).

However, its previous telephone system was causing a serious drain on profits, especially given its difficulty of use. At $36,000 per month, the company was paying exorbitant fees to facilitate international inter-office communications and calls to global contacts.

Enter Net2Phone’s Max PVN (Private Voice Network). Onur Air used the SIP trunking solution to make free VoIP calls within the network, and reduced-rate long-distance calls around the world.

Max PVN’s software was installed at Onur’s headquarters location, while its other offices received hardware such as IP phones and gateways to accommodate varying call volumes.

As a result, the airline’s monthly expense dropped from $38,000 to $14,000, and it saw a return on its investment in just 2 months.

Ihlas News Agency

With a staff of 700, the Ihlas News Agency transmits news to various media outlets across 27 countries.

Facing a heavy call volume of 2,000 calls and 8,000 minutes of voice traffic per day between their 123 offices, the company needed a more streamlined, affordable phone solution.

Through its Max PVN system, Net2Phone provided the agency with a flexible service that could be integrated into various-sized offices (some of which didn’t have PBX systems).

Within 2 months of deployment of the system, 60% of Ihlas’ calls placed within Turkey (where many of its offices are located) were made over Net2Phone’s system, resulting in a savings of 25% off their communications costs.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Net2Phone’s SIP trunking solution may be ideal for any company that doesn’t want to invest wholesale in one major telecom package.

Its offering can be used in conjunction with other companies’ PBX systems, IP phones and more, which may result in lower communications costs overall.

It can be scaled to meet the demands of your particular business, and will especially benefit any company that requires international calling services.

However, if you’re not a reseller, or if you’re a mid to large company that wants a more complete VoIP package from a single provider, then Net2Phone may not be right for you.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of Net2Phone’s SIP trunking solution is its low international rates. Although the cost of the global plan is more than that of the company’s domestic plan, they’re still affordable given heavy international call volume.

The features that come with the service are pretty standard and include call waiting, voicemail and caller ID. If you or your employees work remotely or in the field, you can also configure it to route incoming calls to you. However, it doesn’t offer conference calls or faxing.

Customer service could be a little better, but overall it’s a fairly simple, reliable solution.


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Richard Parris is the Managing Editor of TechCo.

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