The Only 10 Exercises Busy Entrepreneurs Need to Stay in Shape

February 24, 2015

6:30 pm

By now, your New Year’s resolution to join a gym has been derailed mainly because of your busy schedule. It’s understandable; it’s that time of the year where business starts to pick up. The only lifting you’ve done has been your laptop.

It’s not too late to get back on fitness track. The good news is that research has shown that you can get healthy by only exercising a few minutes a day. According t0 The New York Times, intervals of high intensity workouts is very effective. Find a few minutes on your schedule daily (we suggest before work or during lunch break), and do a few exercises that increases your heart-rate and strengthens your body.

Tech.Co created a guide for the busy entrepreneur. It includes a few moves that can be done anywhere with no equipment needed. Pick five or more of the moves and do 3 sets of each exercise 10 times. Move as fast as possible between moves for maximum calorie burn.

Disclaimer: We are not fitness experts; this list is based on research and the writer’s personal experience. Consult a doctor if you have any medical condition before using this guide. 

1. Squats

The Squat is a compound, full body exercise.  Humans have been squatting since the hunter-gatherer days, and performing this exercise helps promote mobility and balance.

You Squat by bending through your hips and knees. Imagine you are sitting on a chair. Squats target your hamstrings, quads, glutes and groin, abs, obliques and lower back muscles.


2. Push-Up

Push-ups are gym-rats’ favorite. Not an easy move but great upper-body workout. Push-ups also help improve your posture for when you’re pitching or meeting important investors.

To do a push-up, you must lie on the floor face down and place your hands apart while holding your torso up at arms length. Lower yourself downward until your chest almost touches the floor, then press your upper body back up to the starting position while squeezing your chest. Once you’re a pro, use one hand.


3. Forward Lunge

Lunges are great for not only strengthening legs, but also improving your core strength. This exercise helps your balance.

As you step forward into the lunge, focus on a downward movement of your hips toward the floor. Avoid driving your hips forward. Firmly push off with the front leg, activating both your thighs and butt muscles to return to your upright, starting position.

4. Side-Plank

According to Men’s Health, side plank is one of the best exercises you can do because it works your entire core. The benefit of this exercise is that it reduces your risk for lower back pain from all those hours sitting in front of the computer.

Lie on your side with your knees straight. Prop your upper body up on your elbow and forearm. Raise your hips until your body forms a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders.


5. Burpees

Everyone loves to hate burpees, but that’s because they are tough. But if you can do a few everyday, you will get your cardio out of the way. The stronger your heart, the more blood it pumps when it contracts, which in turn lowers your resting heart rate—that way, it doesn’t have to work as hard when you’re not exercising.

Burpees also work your entire body and you can do them anywhere, from your office space to the hotel room.

6. Supermans

Ready to fly? This exercise is a great supplement to all those crunches, but most importantly, it strengthens your lower back and tones your gluteus.

Superman exercise

7. Jumping Jacks

When we were kids, we used to do them all the time in gym class to get warmed up. Jumping Jacks are a great way to cardio training if you perform them for at least 15 minutes without stopping.

They may require some coordination to perform them correctly, but they will get you moving.

8. Crunches

For abs of steel, you need to do your crunches. They’re a lot like sit-ups, except that instead of lifting your entire back off the floor, you only lift your upper back. Crunches are primarily core strengthening, and if performed correctly they can help to improve your balance.


9. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is one of the plyometric exercises which strengthen multiple muscle groups in addition to the cardiovascular system. To this exercise, you must activate the core abdominal muscles in addition to those in both the lower and upper body.

10. Walking

Go take a walk outside. According to the Heart Association, walking can help you reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, improve blood pressure and enhance mental well being. Apps like Map My Walk or Step Buy Step are a examples of how you can track how much your walking so you don’t miss a step.

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