4 Tips to Live By to Build a Team Full of “A” Players

July 13, 2015

10:00 pm

What’s an “A” player you ask? Simply put…somebody you want on your team. They possess unique qualities, making them indispensable while contributing to the overall success of the company. These players are hard to find, and as you can imagine, are in high demand. In order to attract and retain these talented individuals, your company needs to hold an advantage over the competition.

In professional sports it ultimately comes down to money – which team is willing to go higher than the other? In business when trying to attract talent, while money is still a driving factor, other variables come into play. Many studies show that employees who are happy with their workplace culture and environment are willing to give up higher salaries in lieu of quality of life.

Follow these tips to build and retain your “A” team:

  1. Embrace failure: To truly be creative means taking risks and not being satisfied with average. Our motto is, if you’re not failing then you’re not trying hard enough – take calculated risks and be ready to fail. We’ll take a risk taker who is accountable and learns from their mistakes any day of the week over someone who plays it safe – because sooner than later, they’re going to impress the hell out of you. Those are the type of employees that will rise extremely fast.
  1. Tell em’ everything: Don’t be afraid of transparency. The more openness in the company, the more internal barriers you knock down. At Zeeto, we’ve created a reporting platform to track our key metrics and daily financial progress and give all employees viewing access. Hold weekly, monthly and quarterly company updates. This will create trust and let everyone know that we’re all in this together. You get a greater buy in from employees when they feel like they are “in the know.” Sure, you risk people jumping ship through the rough patches, but the return is worth the risk.
  1. Be proud of your culture: Think about what makes your company unique…Got it? Good. Now don’t be afraid to share it with the outside world. If you don’t brag a little, no one will ever know how awesome you are. One of Zeeto’s distinct characteristics is dogs in the office. We’ve made it part of our brand, and now we are known locally as the company that allows people to bring their dogs to work. Culture is not just for employees but can be used to entice outside talent.
  1. Spoil the hell out of them: Perks such as AMEX points, gym memberships, massages, company happy hours, free breakfast & lunch, vacations, haircuts, Ping-Pong, yoga, beer on tap, etc, all contribute to the wellness of the company (okay maybe beer doesn’t create wellness but the employees really enjoy it). When employees enjoy spending time at work just as much as being at home that’s a good thing. Enjoying your job is huge motivation to keep your job. If you are being spoiled everyday with an amazing work environment you are going to do everything in your power to be a vital employee. While having a ton of company perks might not affect engagement, they are bound to increase productivity. For instance, if you offer free breakfast and lunch, people will arrive at the office sooner and will not leave for lunch as frequent. The food cost incurred will be outweighed by increased productivity.

Just as in sports, the more “A” players you acquire on your team, the more likely success is attained. Use these tips to ensure future success for your company.


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Stephan Goss is President & CEO of Zeeto, a rapidly growing SaaS company that offers clients a specialized, proprietary ad platform to power their visitor sign-up process and monetize the registration flow. Stephan started Zeeto in 2010 at the age of 22 years old. In nearly 5 years the company has grown from two employees to over seventy. Stephan is an H1B visa holder from Switzerland. He came to the United States to attend college at the University of Albany, where he graduated in 2010. Under Stephan's leadership Zeeto has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company, the 2014 & 2015 Top Workplace in San Diego by the San Diego Union Tribune and the #2 Best Place to Work in San Diego by the SD Business Journal.