4 Must-Have Technical Skills for Online Solopreneurs

May 25, 2017

8:30 pm

Being an online solopreneur is truly commendable. It takes guts to charge into the treacherous world of entrepreneurship, even more so if you plan to face most of the challenges and responsibilities yourself.

Fortunately, being shorthanded should no longer be a problem for online small businesses. Apart from the availability of comprehensive tools for shorthanded startups, there are also plenty of learning resources that can help you prepare for future tasks. Without further ado, here are the four most important technical skills you need to strive as an online solopreneur:

Content Management Systems

Perhaps the biggest challenge solopreneurs have to face is being in charge of their own online presence. Due to their ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, most solopreneurs turn to content management systems (CMS) for all their site-building needs.

A CMS allows a single person to build a site from scratch, develop content, and even apply on-page SEO through a unified dashboard. WordPress is, by far, the most popular option due to its unmatched scalability and smooth learning curve. But more importantly, solopreneurs can take advantage of the massive amounts of learning resources available for the platform. The WordPress Codex alone, which is the CMS’ official repository, contains enough information for you to unlock its full potential.

Social Media Management

Social media networks have become one of the premier platforms for branding and CRM. However, having a successful social media presence takes more than just knowing how to post on Facebook, send Tweets, or upload images on Instagram. To make the most out of your social media content, you also need to pay attention to factors such as your target demographic, their most active times, and your keyword strategy.

A social media management tool like Buffer goes a long way by aggregating all your social media tasks into a single location. The platform itself should be relatively easy to learn, thanks to its fluid and intuitive interface. It also has a blog that constantly updates with the latest strategies and tips for social media marketing. Tech.Co’s Marketing section is, naturally, a great starting point as well.

Content Marketing

Regardless of your niche, content will be the bread and butter of any online marketing campaign. Its key function is to build your brand’s authority and credibility as an information source. These, in turn, will make the online audience flock to your site – not immediately, but slowly and surely.

However, successful content marketing has multiple facets, including but not limited to blogging, visual marketing, and guest posting. But since the structure of all content types boils down to a great script, you should start with writing guides to help you grasp the fundamentals of great content. Afterwards, focus on acquiring content marketing knowledge from blogs like Quick Sprout. Doing so will introduce you to the finer points of content marketing, like search optimization, link building, visual content, and blogger outreach.


Automation is the key to staying efficient as a solopreneur. You can’t afford to be slammed with repetitive and menial tasks, especially since you should always be seeking growth opportunities for your business.

With automation tools, you can focus on more meaningful activities as monotonous tasks get executed in the background. For example, creating an autoresponder with OptinMonster is a great way to engage leads based on their latest actions. If you want something more elaborate, you can use If This Then That (also known as IFTTT) to design your own automated workflows.

Lastly, remember that being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you should do everything on your own. If you have the budget, you can always outsource manpower to lift some of the load off your shoulders. You can refer to this post for tips on how to make this work for your remote team!

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