8 Reasons Why You Should Be a Freelancer in 2017

February 10, 2017

7:00 pm

Have you ever wondered if working freelance is all it is cut up to be? Perhaps you have a freelancer friend who you see almost every week on vacation, living life to the fullest and enjoying a cocktail or two on a work week. You might be wondering how she does it. Well, feel free to ask and she’ll just tell you matter of factly that she’s a freelancer.

Here are the eight reasons why you might consider taking the jump from working 9 to 5 to being a freelancer.

1: Earn More When You Work More                                                          

Being a freelance worker means you are your own boss. You set your own pace. You decide on your work hours and lastly you name your price and you prove to your clients why you deserve that rate. Since you’re a results based worker now, the more productive you are, the more bucks you earn.

By being a freelance you can also demand for a raise as long as it is reasonable. You don’t have to wait for your  annual company assessment before you can ask for a raise. Feel free to negotiate your price if you think you can justify it. Well, freelance designers, for example, don’t charge cheap and they shouldn’t.

2: Your Skills Are Not Exclusive

Why limit you’re your skills, talents and opportunities in one company, that half the time tend to overlook your individual performance?

Freelancers, can spread their wings and work with as many clients as they want, as long as quality and consistent results are delivered. They are free to have friendly connection with clients to better improve their career and score more projects in the future.

3: Work Wherever You Want

Freelancers can work wherever they want, and working online or on e-commerce sure gives you an opportunity to change your scenery every time. Working in an open, relaxed and picturesque environment can boost your creativity and in turn makes you more productive. So are you now ready to work while having a quiet dinner in an exotic country that most people consider as tourist destination?

Yes, working freelance can give you ticket to that dream destinations too.

4: Set Your Own Hours

Freelancers, get to enjoy the most wanted necessity in this fast paced world- time. Since they are working for themselves they get to choose their own work hours too. But don’t think that freelancers are lazy, because really, they are not. It’s just that they know how to balance their work and time effectively.

Some clients use smart timesheet template to track the work of their freelance workers. This way, the clients can  supervise without the necessity and hassle of manually timing in an office. It also works for freelancers too, as this way you can prove to clients their work flexibility.

So instead of working hard, freelancers will teach you how to work smart.

5: Break Free From Company Rules

Freelancers, being their own boss are not bounded by mediocre company rules. You are free to make thing as rigid or as relaxed as you like. Now that you literally own the office, you can even design it any way you like.

Who says you have to have a desk and a chair on your workstation? If a beanbag or a plush carpet is more comfortable for you, go for it!

Freelancers don’t have company rules. What they have is a self-imposed mantra on discipline.

6: Save Money On Dress Codes

Working in a corporate world demands you to dress to impress. And this can really get expensive if you are expected to dress up on daily basis. The suit, the bag, the proper shoes to go with it are not cheap. So why spend your hard earned bucks for clothes that can only impress your boss if you can spend that dime on a hot bikini?

Yes, freelancers are never faced with this kind of problem as they are free to dress however they like. A t-shirt and fluffy sleepers are more comfortable than pencil cut dress and high heels. When you dress comfortably, you can work comfortably.

7: Skip Time-Wasting Meetings

Let’s face it, office meetings are usually half productive, half bull shooting. Most of the things discussed on the boardroom are points you figured out already by yourself. Sometimes the only good thing about office meetings are the free food.

As a freelancer, you can keep meetings to a minimum. Yes, it is necessary to have a meeting with a client but it does not have to be a formal one. You can set the terms, make it brief and straight to the point.

8: The End of Office Politics

All employees have been a victim of office politics at one point or another. Even an accidental bump off with your boss  at a bar can be twisted into something malicious. The list goes on and on and dealing with office politics can be demeaning. Being in a position where you sometimes you have no choice but to affirm with everything your boss says is a terrible way to stay on the job. It will kill your career and your decision making.

As a freelance, you don’t have to deal with any of this, because you are working independently. You only need to please yourself with your quality work and let our client decide.

So are you still deciding if working freelance might be the very thing you need to inspire you again to work for yourself?  Every mature person knows that trading their secure job for a freelance gig is a scary move, but if you trust yourself, then you can push yourself to make this work.

As Kerrie Kelly, a successful interior designer who is now one of the most recognized names in the interior design world, once said, “At some point, you have to take the leap.”

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