7 Best Countries for Remote Workers in 2024

Looking to trade in your gray office block for foreign shores? Here's where you should consider moving to in 2024.

While lots of employers seem intent on bringing workers back into the office, there are still lots of well-paid remote jobs for professionals looking to bid adieu to the physical workspace.

Whether you’re after a warmer climate, lower living expenses, or a chance to finally put your Duo Lingo streak to good use, there are tons of reasons to jump on the digital nomad bandwagon. But with so many great locations to choose from, deciding on a country to relocate to isn’t always straightforward.

For US workers not bound to any physical location, we explore the best countries to work remotely from in 2024 — based on factors like their average cost of living, proximity to the US, and whether they offer that all-important digital nomad visa. Read on to discover our top picks.

1. Portugal

Located in the Southwest corner of Europe, Portugal is a vibrant country packed with architectural gems, sandy coastlines, and gastronomic delights. Boasting reliable network coverage, an excellent transport system, and an affordable cost of living, Portugal is frequently lauded as the best location for digital nomads and was even voted #1 best country to work from by the travel search engine Kayak.

Aside from stunning countryside locations like Tavira, Averio, and Sintra, Portugal is home to Porto and Lisbon — two bustling cities that have become major hubs for digital nomad communities over the years. The European country also offers a “Short Stay Visa” that allows digital nomads to work there for up to a year. To be eligible for this Visa, however, applicants need to provide proof that they make up to four times Portugal’s national minimum wage, which equates to roughly $3,350 per month,

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2. Spain

Portugal’s neighbor Spain is another hit among remote workers, thanks in part to its sunny climate, laid-back culture, and abundance of co-working spaces (790 to be precise). Just like Portugal, Spain features diverse landscapes — from the rocky Sierra Nevada mountains to the coastal plains of Valencia — and has a relatively low cost of living. This makes it ideal for wanderlust professionals looking to pack in exciting trips outside of their 9 to 5.

Spain is also home to a large community of digital nomads, making it easy for new expats to connect with like-minded individuals across different industries. Moving to Spain should be relatively straightforward too, due to the country’s newly released digital nomad Visa that allows foreign workers within its borders for up to a year.

3. Mexico

Mexico is a digital nomad haven for obvious reasons. Firstly, its close proximity to the US makes it great for workers after cheap flights or an opportunity to stay close to family and friends. Secondly, Mexico’s cost of living is significantly cheaper than what the average American is used to, with rent costing 71% less than the US average in certain regions and a standard take-out coffee costing as little as $1.50 a pop.

From the cosmopolitan cafes of Mexico City to the sun-kissed beach bars of Puerto Vallarta, the North American country isn’t shy of prime working locations. Unfortunately though, some areas of Mexico are still deemed unsafe for foreign tourists, and the country doesn’t currently offer a digital nomad Visa — requiring remote workers to use a temporary resident Visa instead.

4. Romania

While you don’t often find the words blood-thirsty vampire and digital nomad in the same sentence, Romania has consistently proven itself to be an emerging hub for international workers and even landed a top three position in Kayak’s Work from Wherever Index.

The Eastern European country, which sits to the right of Hungary and Serbia and to the left of the Black Sea, is one of the most affordable locations in Europe — with its cost of living undercutting Western countries like England and France by around 50%.

Aside from rock-bottom rent, utilities, and living expenses, Romania oozes natural beauty and features a number of stunning natural landscapes and medieval towns. Don’t let the country’s ancient charm fool you either, Romania also boasts a reliable internet connection and tons of modern co-working facilities in its capital Bucharest. Professionals can move to the country easily too, thanks to the nation’s new digital nomad Visa.

5. Georgia

Nestled in between the flat plains of Eastern Europe and the high mountains of West Asia, Georgia is another former Soviet nation with a lot of potential for curious professions.

From its hospitable population to its unique history and culinary culture, Georgia has long been a magnet for explorers and foodies alike. In 2024, the ancient country is also fast becoming a hotspot for digital nomads due to its low cost of living, high safety index, and an emerging bohemian scene in cities like Tbilisi.

If you’re looking to escape in the hustle and bustle, Georgia is also home to multiple geological wonders including hundreds of glaciers, stunning emerald mountains, and scores of therapeutic caves. Fortunately for US professionals, Americans can work and live in the country without a Visa for up to a year.

6. Ecuador

While it may not yet be as popular as Mexico, Brazil, or Costa Rica, Ecuador is another excellent country for digital nomads and a great option for travelers looking to remain off the beaten track.

Firstly, Ecuador has an Eastern Time Zone, which is ideal if your company requires you to operate on US hours. Secondly, it’s one of the cheapest countries to live in South America, giving foreign workers greater opportunities to save or enjoy a slightly higher quality of living.

Thirdly, Ecuador is a biodiversity wonder. In fact, due to the combination of the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon, and the Andes Mountain range, it’s one of only 17 megadiverse counties in the world, making it a dream location for nature buffs.

Ecuador’s digital nomad Visa offers an easy route into the country too, allowing expats to work in the country for up to two years before they need to reapply.

7. Indonesia

It wouldn’t be a list of the top digital nomad locations without Indonesia making an appearance, right?

The Southeast Asian country has just about everything a nomadic professional is after — including laid-back island life, an extensive network of ex-pats, and one of the lowest costs of living in Asia. The province of Bali is especially popular due to its scenic seaside villages, nature trails, and great selection of co-working facilities.

Indonesia’s new Second Home Visa lets foreigners work in the country remotely for up to five years too. However, for all of Indonesia’s strengths, its capital’s time zone is 11 hours ahead of Washington DC’s, making it an unviable destination for workers that need to work on US time.

As more and more countries open their doors to laptop-clutching nomads to boost their economy, now is an opportune time to find a better location for your 9 to 5. And if you haven’t secured a remote job yet, don’t worry. Learn about opportunities that are currently available this month in our guide to the top fully remote jobs, and if you’re loyal to your employer, find out how to ask your boss to work remotely here.


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