Bitwarden Password Manager Is Officially Going Passwordless

The open-source password manager will now let users log in with nothing more than a smartphone and the service's mobile app.

The passwordless revolution continues, as open-source password manager Bitwarden is launching new features that will let you log in to your account with your complicated credentials.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re using a good password manager, there’s a good chance you aren’t following best practices for password security. After all, the average user has 100 accounts online and coming up with a long, unique password for each one is borderline impossible.

Luckily, the tech world has begun instituting passwordless features that will enable users to ditch the passwords and start utilizing easier, more secure means of keeping their data safe.

Bitwarden Adds Passwordless Features

Announced in a press release earlier this week, Bitwarden — the open-source password manager — is launching passwordless features designed at bolstering security and improving ease of use across the platform.

“Innovations around biometrics, security keys, and integrations with enterprise SSO all enable Bitwarden to offer passwordless authentication options, helping customers reduce password entry and streamlining user experience.” – Bitwarden press release

If you’re at all familiar with passwordless login, you’ll recognize how Bitwarden plans on implementing it. Instead of inputting a master password or elaborate security key, you’ll simply be sent a mobile notification to your authorized device. Then, all you have to do is click login, and you’ll be on your way to a easier, more secure password process.

Is the Future Passwordless?

Passwords remain an outdated, unsecured method of security for the majority of users. Yes, they can be an excellent first defense if employed correctly, but study after study has shown that even the largest businesses with the most to lose from lax password security don’t take it seriously.

81% of users use the same password for multiple accounts, the most common password around the world remains “password,” and a large percentage of business owners doesn’t even see the point of password managers. All these stats mean that implementing passwordless options for employees could make a huge difference in the security of your business.

And you wouldn’t be alone either. The passwordless movement has plenty of revolutionaries on its side, from Microsoft to Apple. Even other password managers like LastPass have begun offering passwordless features to improve security for everyday users.

So, should your business be looking into passwordless features? Absolutely, if only to take the burden of remembering 50 different login credentials off of your employees’ shoulders. And if you’re worried about how this change will be received by your team, you’re in luck, as plenty of people are comfortable going passwordless, so the transition shouldn’t be too troubling for your business.

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