5 Branded Instagram Accounts to Learn From

June 3, 2016

6:23 pm

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has quickly become one of the biggest and most attention-grabbing social networks amongst brands and consumers. And for good reason – Instagram has a large visual-focused nature and its ease of use, making the app highly interactable amongst its users.

Here are five great examples of how brands have been making the most of their use of Instagram and engaging with their audience in interesting ways.


The brains behind this creative stunt was the Russian ad agency Instinct, who figured out a way to launch a fully functioning website within Instagram by using the tagging feature. The account looks similar to every other account on the app, but stood apart by being one of the first accounts to allows users would browse through products and be redirected to individual product accounts upon tapping on them.

While it was only launched in Russia, the account saw a quick rise in followers to 12,000 in just a few short weeks… proving that creativity is what captures people’s attention.

Mercedes Benz

Armed with the hashtag #MBSecretSanta and holiday generosity, ad agency Razorfish helped Mercedes-Benz own the gift of giving with their Instagram holiday campaign. Mercedes asked their users on Instagram to send them direct messages with the full name and address of people that they wished to give a gift to. With a thousand gifts to give, the campaign didn’t have any hidden agenda to collect information or abuse the trust of their users.

It goes to show that genuine generosity goes a long way for a brand when paired with a strong social strategy.

Old Spice

Coming from their successful rebranding from an old people’s brand to quirky hipster chic, Old Spice has been knocking it out of the park with the help of Wieden + Kennedy.

Using a similar technique to IKEA’s Instagram website, Old Spice created a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure”-style narrative, where users would navigate using the Instagram tagging feature. Each move would be made by tapping on how you wanted the story to go. The story was filled with monsters, robots, pop culture references and all the wacky Old Spice jokes you would, or rather, wouldn’t have thought of.

Instagram was built to be a visual storytelling platform, and this campaign goes to show how strong it could be.


This is more of a multi-platform campaign, but it focuses heavily on Instagram user behaviour. Canon and advertising agency 360i set up pop-up digital billboards around New York City to help people captures the perfect photos for their Instagram feeds. The billboards taught users how to take the perfect photos from their current location and even gave real-time tips, such as when the traffic was about to move or how to make use of the current lighting.

With the help of the hashtag #RealTimeTips and a dedicated website, the campaign became a raging success. It goes to show that sometimes teaching is better than showing.


If you scroll past all the badly photographed food pics and duck face selfies, you may find creative uses of the album layout. That’s what Reynolds and Havas Chicago did by building eight seemingly endless dinner tables that comprised of 21 dishes. Each table was themed after a specific holiday like Thanksgiving or Halloween.

They created links on each dish that would redirect you to the Reynolds website that held the recipe of the dish. For example, clicking on a recipe for a strawberry crumb bar directs users to an Instagram account with pictures of strawberries, flour, sugar and eggs.

They showed that in the sea of food pics on Instagram, there was room to be creative and stand out from the clutter. And no matter what your branding is like, you can still be fun and creative.

As Instagram’s potential becomes more prevalent, the number of brands jumping on Instagram has increased exponentially in recent times. However, don’t let the increased competition stop you. As brands jostle for their audience’s attention on the platform, innovative marketers have accepted the challenge and succeeded. Their recipe for success? Thorough research, a spark of imagination, a desire to make their brand stand out and leave a lasting impression. So what are you waiting for? Put your thinking caps on, connect with your audience, and let them inspire your next Instagram campaign.


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Hailing from Australia, Dorothy is a Digital Marketing Manager at Blue Polo Interactive, Inc. and Social Sponsorship Manager at Influencer Connect in New York. She loves to get creative with marketing strategy to increase companies' visibility through online space. Most importantly, Dorothy has a passion for learning and sharing marketing knowledge with others.