Cannabis Pocket Reference Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

February 21, 2015

10:00 am

With its use clearly growing, marijuana users need an app containing all the information they need to know about it – a platform where everyone can be informed on news and history of cannabis. This is Cannabis Pocket Reference, an Android application you can find an extraordinary database of 225 types of cannabis. Users can choose to display them by name, by active ingredient (either CBD or THC), by time to flowering, or by type of hemp.

Every page is full of information on the main strains and types of the most famous brands seeds, as for example White Skunk, White Widow, Silver Haze, and many others. Next to each type of cannabis it is possible to find graphics about various features, diseases the plant can have, and other useful information.

All you need to know about Cannabis

Thanks to this app you can also learn about the history of cannabis, the laws in force in each county, exclusive grow guide, vaporizing/smoking/dabbing information, countries where it is legal to buy and smoke marijuana and read the latest news related to this topic too.

Many people are interested in finding information about cannabis, and Cannabis Pocket Reference is a really useful app that will allow you to learn all you need to know. Even curiosity. For example you can discover the kind of disorder that plague most common plants; the application will give you advices to cure it. Or many suggestions on how to cook recipes using cannabis or how to create a do-it-yourself medical cannabis preparation if you need to be treated with marijuana.

How does the app work?

One of the main characteristics of this application is that you will not need to be connected to internet to be able to use it; and that’s why everything that is in Cannabis Pocket Reference will be stored in your device taking up no more than 26 MB of memory.

Cannabis Pocket Reference is considered by far one of the best app regarding cannabis; with a big amount of information and news it can safely be considered as a cannabis basic guide. It is an application with a impactful graphic design, easy to use with a rich and full informative visual.

The app is available on all Android devices subsequent to version 1.5. It is possible to directly download the application from the website at a price of $2.99.

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