ClickUp Introduces Email App Feature

The new tool allows ClickUp users to send and receive emails directly from the software itself.

ClickUp, the project management software, has announced a new feature that will enable users to send and receive emails from within the ClickUp platform itself.

The feature means that users can communicate with others, even those that don’t use ClickUp, without having to leave the platform.

ClickUp is one of’s best rated Work OS platforms, so we’re happy to see even more functionality come to the software. We take a closer look at what to expect from the Email app.

Using the ‘Email ClickApp’ in ClickUp

The new Email app is designed to be used within the ClickUp platform to send and receive email, without the need to bring up your dedicated email client, such as Gmail.

After integrating your email account, the user can go to the comment section of the project on ClickUp, and select the email toggle. Now the user writes an email as usual. The app also supports email templates, signatures, attachment and emojis.

Once the message is composed, it will be sent, like a regular email. The user will see a copy of the email they have sent within the project view, and emails can be sent to people outside the ClickUp infrastructure. If the recipient sends a reply, this will appear within the project too, keeping a record of all communications related to the project. ClickUp comments made within the chain are only visible to users in ClickUp.

At this time, ClickUp supports Outlook, IMAP, Gmail and Office365 email providers.

How much does ClickUp cost? Read our 2021 pricing guide.

Other ClickApps in ClickUp

The new Email ClickApp feature is defaulted to ‘on’ in ClickUp, although you will need to enable threaded replies in the ClickApp settings, if you want to display them in this way.

However, Email ClickApp is just one of the apps available on the platform – there are a number of other useful integrations which can help ClickUp users manage their projects with tools, without leaving the ClickUp Workspace.

These include Zoom and GIPHY, as well as apps to enable collaborative editing, time tracking, screen recording, time estimates, and more.

Managing these apps is simply a case of going to the Settings menu, then ClickApps, and enabling/disabling as needed.

Using ClickUp

ClickUp is a Work OS software that we’ve rated highly in our project management software round upIn fact, we named it the best Work OS overall, just narrowly nudging out the also excellent

We liked its slick and simple, yet powerful software, its customizability, and the fact that it offered a free tier which wasn’t just a carrot on a stick for the paid for service, but instead a genuinely useable tier for individuals.

Pricing is reasonable too, with the Unlimited plan costing $9 per month per user, or $5, if paid annually. We found that a lack of enterprise level features make ClickUp best for small to medium businesses – if you fall into this category, it’s a smart choice, especially with the additional functionality like the new Email app.

If you’re interested in trying out ClickUp for yourself, take a look at their plans to see which one suits you best.

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Price From
All prices listed as per user, per month (billed annually)
The overall score obtained from our most recent round of project management software user testing.

A great task management system due to strong customizability and support team, with a generous free trial.

A great user experience all round, with an easy-to-use automation builder and great budget tracking capabilities.

Slick software with a highly powerful core and an AI assistant, plus a genuinely usable free tier for individuals.

A simple task-list-based project management platform with an acceptable free tier.

A feature-rich service with two plans for enterprises, and a free tier for new users to try.

A fairly-priced, stripped-down option best for small teams who need a central location for basic task management.

A great tool for spreadsheet-natives, which can take your Excel-based task planning to the next level.

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