Why You Should Personalize Your TV Viewing Experience to Save Time

November 11, 2014

9:00 am

Disclosure: Post and giveaway sponsored by Comcast XFINITY, but all opinions are my own.

As a society, we’ve never been busier! Here are a few examples of how much time we spend making difficult decisions in our lifetimes:

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So when it comes to the time to relax, you have to be tactical about how you spend your time. Watching TV is a national favorite form of entertainment.

Today our TV habits today can be defined by personal choices: I watch what I want, from whichever device I have at a time that is convenient to my schedule.

Long gone are the days where we sat in front of the televisions waiting for our favorite shows to come on. We are moving away from appointment TV to binge-watching on our schedule.

Enter Comcast XFINITY X1 Platform, a personalized way for you to consume your favorite entertainment on-the-go. Personally, I enjoy how personalization is taken to a new level by giving me recommendations based on my “viewing taste buds.” With their new recommendation system, the platform is able to recommend additional content.

For instance, I’m a big fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones and was recommended to watch The Borgias, which I’m totally hooked on. X1 platform allows you to easily discover new shows when you select any program and scroll down to “More Like This.” This content-based filtering approach relies on the user feedback to refine the results, so they take your favorite actors or movies and continue to customize suggestions to your taste buds.

Why not simplify the never-ending task of picking something to watch after a long day of work? Picking what craft beer you want to drink while relaxing should be the only difficult decision you should have to make.


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