Company Logo Design – Blunders and Slip-Ups that Impact

October 4, 2014

6:00 pm

“Boom! Abercrombie & Fitch Drops Its Logo” read Forbes magazine a few days back. Why – What – who? A lot of questions tangled this decision.

Let us Revisit Some of the Basics of Logo Designing!

Company logos are like brand ambassadors that incorporate images that influence people and develop associations. If you contemplate on big brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, or McDonald’s, the one thing that instantaneously comes to your minds is logo.

Great logos have the knack of making customers recall their brand which helps consumers to select one product from another because of emotional connection with the company logo. Logos portray brands and they are the corporate pictures due to the fact that they have that tendency of staying in the minds of the consumers. Exemplary logos never allow their consumers to overlook their brand.

Human tendency of selecting something greater is known, which encourages consumers to have positive associations with the company logo.

Interesting Facts about COLOR Combinations & Text used in Top Brand’s Logos:

  • 95% use one or two colors
  • 33% use color blue
  • 29% use color red
  • 28% use black or gray-scale colors
  • 13% use yellow or gold colors
  • 05% use more than two colors

Other Features used in Top Brand’s Logos:

Takeaways from Popular Brands

  • 93% logos are modest to be accessed in smaller sizes
  • 67% logos have enhanced horizontal aspect ratio
  • 41% logos use text only (formal type)
  • 13% logos use brand’s initials in their design
  • 09% logos do not use company name at all
  • 03% logos use people as images in the design

Major Takeaways from Aforesaid:

Majority of the brands use red and blue color. Blue is a professional business color expressing faith and professionalism. Red is one of the most striking colors representing passion, desire, and power.
It is evident that approximately 93% of the company logo designs are comparatively simple in form. Natural logos are certainly more flexible as compared than their more complex and comprehensive counterparts.

Enlisted are some of the goof ups that may have major impact on company logo designs.

Logo Designed by an Amateur:

25% of slip-ups occur with logo designed by amateur company logo designers. Various reasons that make company logos to look amateurish. The business owner wanted cost-effective results, hence; decided to design the company logo swiftly; your friend or relative develops the logo as a favor.

Hiring a professional company logo designer would help you evade these loop holes and work to your benefit:

  • Logo will have a professional look
  • It will be exclusive and unforgettable
  • Convenience in reproducing the logo; if required
  • Company logo would sustain for longer lifespan
  • Outsourcing companies offer cost-effective logo designing

Intricacy in the Logo:

20% blunders are attributed to intricacy in the logo. If you print company logo in small sizes, an intricate design will lose its edge and will not look great. The more comprehensive a logo is, better it is for the viewers. Remember that a logo needs to be memorable. The best examples of good company logos are Nike, McDonald’s and Apple. Optimistic results are expected when logos are designed considering above flag raisers.

Starbucks, one of the largest coffeehouse in the world, is a classic example of how they revised their original logo & reproduced it over years.Starbucks revised their original logo & reproduced it over years


The earlier version was centered around 17th century where the Starbucks siren was topless and had a noticeable double fist tail.

  • The second version was utilized from the years 1987 to 1992 where her breasts were protected by her elegant hair, but her navel was still prevalent and the fish tail was cropped somewhat.
  • Today the current logo which is evident since the year 1992, the navel and breasts are gone and only vestiges remain on the fish tails.
  • Today the logo looks more rationalized and outstanding. It is a noteworthy and exclusive logo which has become one of its kinds.


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