Crowdfunding Platform Razoo Gets Personal

May 2, 2016

9:45 am

You could say Razoo was doing crowdfunding before it was cool. But to that same effect you could also say that every nonprofit or foundation was doing crowdfunding before it was cool. Razoo was founded in 2006 as a way for people to give and raise money for causes. It took them six years to reach their first $100M in donations (2012), but only another two for them to surpass $200M in donations.

In 2015, they completely re-designed their site; now, they've revamped yet again by launching a completely new platform for personal fundraising. Now anyone can start a fundraising campaign for anything they want, a la GoFundMe. If you're passionate about it (or even if you're not…because it doesn't really matter) you can now attempt to raise money for it through Razoo. And to promote the launch of the platform, they are waiving all fees through May 31

Razoo has always been about local giving. They started by pioneering large Giving Events to enable local giving at a large scale. They've now taken that local giving model and applied it to individual fundraising.

“While we established these large local giving events and helped them grow in number / size / popularity, we observed a growing interest in individual fundraising,” saidTom Matthews, CEO of Razoo. “We created features on Razoo to harness that localized energy, allowing individuals to create fundraisers so they could raise money on behalf of charities, to coordinate fundraising teams, and eventually to run peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns on behalf of personal causes. Now we’ve taken the technology and expertise that we’ve built and refined over the last few years and unified it into an experience that enables individual fundraising to be amplified on a truly local level. And we're well positioned for this because our history has earned us the trust of big brand nonprofits as well as individual donors, and we've demonstrated a long commitment to making fundraising fun and engaging for people and their communities.”

In May the platform is expected to surpass $500M in donations. They are also a big participant in #GivingTuesday, the largest giving day of the year. They became an official #GivingTuesday partner in 2013 and in 2015 they had their biggest #GivingTuesday ever in which nearly $4M were raised for causes using their platform.

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