Etsy Sellers Form Guild to Stop ‘Amazonification’ of Ecommerce

The Indie Sellers Guide will "preserve spaces for sellers and buyers to come together in appreciation of art and creativity."

Etsy sellers have officially formed a guild in an effort to support online sellers in the face of ecommerce giants like Amazon.

It’s no secret that the world of ecommerce is dominated by a certain Seattle-based ecommerce company. Even other ecommerce companies like Shopify have tried to deter sellers from engaging with Amazon to even the playing field.

Fortunately, Etsy retailers are taking things into their own hands by launching a guild that is designed to “promote the interests” of those trying to make a living by selling products online.

Etsy Sellers Form Indie Sellers Guild

Dubbed the Indie Sellers Guild, the non-profit organization launched on September 5th (Labor Day) and hopes to “advocate collectively for fair and transparent policies in online marketplaces.”

“It’s not easy to earn a creative living in this tech-platform-dominated internet. We are at the mercy of a corporate structure that wants to squeeze every bit of profit it can from sellers and buyers alike.”

Etsy and its sellers haven’t exactly been getting along lately either, with the latter going on strike in April to protest the higher transaction fees being implemented by the former.

While it’s no Amazon, Etsy boasts nearly 8 million online sellers and 94 million buyers, making it a verifiable powerhouse when it comes to ecommerce. This kind of action could have a serious impact on how the platform deals with sellers moving forward.

The Amazonifiction of Ecommerce

Given the creative nature of Etsy, it’s absolutely fair that its sellers would be against the “Amazonification” of ecommerce. With more and more businesses opting for fast shipping over treating sellers fairly, there’s never been a better time for an online seller guide to take form.

“We work to preserve spaces for sellers and buyers to come together in appreciation of art and creativity.”

Creators are infamously underrepresented when it comes to the platforms that host them. Creators on apps like TikTok and YouTube have long lambasted the practices of their platforms for undervaluing their contribution, with paltry payments for even the most viral of videos.

With this new guild, though, online sellers could finally break the mold and get a bit of representation and compensation in the process.

How to Set Up an Online Store

If you’re interested in taking your Etsy store to the next level or just want to start selling products online in general, there are plenty of ways to do it without getting Amazon involved.

Website builders are likely your best bet, as they provide you with the creative freedom and ecommerce features necessary to actually get your products out there.

Even better, if you want to just get your Etsy store on your own website, most ecommerce website builders like Shopify and Wix offer integrations with Etsy, so you can get your store prominently displayed on your site. This will drive traffic to your online store in other ways and allow you to reach new customers on platforms that aren’t Amazon.

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