Fully Remote and Hybrid Jobs at Walmart Hiring in February 2024

Walmart isn't all cut-price TVs, it's a $472bn global business that's quietly hiring for loads of remote and hybrid jobs.

Looking for the fully remote job of your dreams? With more and more big tech companies now jumping on the return to office bandwagon, it might be time to think outside the box.

That’s where Walmart comes in. Yes, that Walmart. The same global hypermarket chain that inspired TV comedy Superstore is actually quietly home to a dizzying array of well-paid, fully remote jobs.

This is because, away from all the shop floor, the company is actually a $472bn global business that does a whole lot more than just sling cheap garden furniture. Its ambitions show no signs of slowing in 2024, with the retail giant recently snapping up TV maker Vizio for a cool $2.3bn.

With that in mind, here are some of the best fully remote jobs Walmart is currently hiring for in February 2024, along with a closer look at the company’s culture so you can see if it might be the right career move for you.

Fully Remote Walmart Jobs: Listings, Locations and Salaries

In all honesty, Walmart’s careers website isn’t the best we’ve seen since we started trying to hook people up with remote roles. That said, the company does offer both fully remote and hybrid working for many of its positions, provided you know where to look.

Annoyingly, it doesn’t let you easily filter by the option to work remotely or at least in a flexible capacity. This says a bit about its overall approach, which has flip-flopped since pandemic era “commitments” to remote working.

More recently in the US, it has pushed a number of relocations to center its operations around its Bentonville, Arkansas HQ, though its global operations remain more distributed.

Our top tip if you’re looking for remote-friendly Walmart jobs is to simply search “remote” on its jobs page.  You can then CTRL + F when viewing an individual job listing and search for “remote” again, to see how that particular vacancy talks about home working.

The end result is a few roles that are clearly flagged as not open to remote working, but the rest generally say they are open to hybrid working: the company says it “strive(s) for flexibility” but on-site meetings happen on a “regular and purposeful basis.”

If you trawl through other job sites, you’ll find a handful of roles that are more plainly open to working from home, including some fully remote options.

Here are our picks for the most remote-friendly jobs at Walmart, along with where they’re located and (where available) the salary range or hourly rate you’ll be looking at. International listings are included, though bear in mind you may be expected to coordinate your hours to the local time zone.

Again, we have to stress that Walmart is cagey in its current language around remote working. Other companies are more explicit in how they approach it, so depending on your area of expertise, you could also check out the latest fully remote jobs at Microsoft and fully remote jobs at Google.

Should You Try Remote Working?

If you’ve never worked a fully remote job before, there’s plenty to consider. Working from home is great and an essential employee perk these days, in our opinion, but it’s not for everyone.

The main thing you should ask yourself is how you would cope with the potential isolation of a 100% home working job. Obviously, flexible working can be hugely beneficial to your mental health and work/life balance, but it swings both ways and can also deprive you of regular social interaction – or at least limit it to Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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You also need to be extremely disciplined to thrive in a fully remote environment. As many of us learned in the early days of the pandemic, that coveted work/life balance can easily swing to one or the other when you’re working on your own.

Too much or too little work in remote settings can harm your well-being, career prospects, or both, so it’s an important balance to get right.

Key WFH Stats Productivity

Is Walmart the Right Remote Company for You?

If you definitely want to pursue remote working, then the next question is whether Walmart is the right employer for you.

As we’ve already said, Walmart isn’t “all in” on remote working as part of its culture. It’s still open to it, and generally seems to encourage some flexible/hybrid working in the majority of its roles, but you’re not going to be able to come and go from the office as you please.

Instead, expect a relatively regimented in-office schedule coupled with a couple of home working days. Like a number of big US businesses, Walmart seems to be adopting a minimum of three days at the office, versus two from the comfort of your own home.

Where it does offer a fully remote option, we’d also remind you that these positions still usually mention some kind of in-person interaction. This might be limited to once every quarter, but know that some of kind of cadence of physically meeting up may be strongly encouraged.

This means you will probably need to have the location or HQ of a particular role accessible, as for the bulk of its positions Walmart no longer offers relocation packages.

Overall, Walmart talks the walk when it comes to employee well-being, career development, and diversity. It has a more mixed track record on user review sites, though, earning an aggregate score of 3.4/5 on careers site Glassdoor, based on over 100,000 responses.

How to Succeed in Your Remote Work

Whether at Walmart or anywhere else, working remotely is a fine art and we want to help you succeed at it.

This starts with finding the right role, and if working for a retail behemoth isn’t for you, we’ve got loads of other great fully remote jobs you can apply for this month.

We can also help you get a remote job to begin with, as securing these kinds of positions presents some unique challenges for you as a job seeker.

Lastly, if you’re still not convinced jumping to a new company is the right move for you, don’t worry: there are a number of good reasons to work from home that you can present to your manager. Who knows, maybe you’ve already landed the remote job you’ve always wanted and just need to advocate for yourself!

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