To Improve Employee Engagement, Go Digital

January 22, 2016

8:00 pm

The Starr Conspiracy reported that 60 percent of smaller companies are developing an HR software to improve employee engagement. Why? Because there is a connection between employee performance and employee engagement. When the HR systems, whether in the form of an app, LMS, a website or other HR tools fail to capture the critical data, it is difficult to deliver the expected ROI. You may also end up with faulty projections, conclusions, and corrections.

HR systems need to operate optimally to avoid the workplace frustrations which ends up discouraging participation. Fortunately, digital engagement platforms improve talent management programs that consequently improve organizational performance. It combines big data and gamification analytics to ensure information is captured from the existing processes to help in decision making. Data from the systems is referred as performance-enhancing data.

There are three examples of how organizations can use digital engagement tools to transform employee engagement.

Announcements Get a Video Takeover

In most organizations, announcements are commonly done using email. For common functions such as client wins, announcing new hires or HR related benefits, an email is usually the preferred mode of communication. It could be easier for the sender but is it valuable to the recipient? The answer is no. Most employees are known to read the email title and try to understand what the sender may have wanted to communicate. However, revamping these types of communication with a short video instead, is both engaging and appealing. Be sure to allow for comments and questions to make it more fun and appealing to the employee.

Informal and Decentralized Workforce

Companies of today are fast and flexible working environment part of the norm. In an environment where international companies have created multiple global offices, it is making it hard for the team members to meet face to face. With this decentralized and remote workforce, digital and video conferencing tools are more important than ever. Video conferencing is known to enhance the content of the meeting while collaboration would occur naturally when the team members can see each other. In this case, you could be working informally at home. Employees are ‘people' and not machines hence benefits of video conference will outweigh the concerns.

Make It a Game

Gamification is applying game mechanics to drive the employee behavioral change. It is natural for people to love competition and achievements. Gamification helps to link the personal motivations with the goals and values of the company. Digital engagement platforms are meant to monitor results, motivate performance and measure business impacts. The benefits of this platform are felt across all levels of the organization. These benefits include:

  • Employees – Digital engagement platforms offers employees improved transparency, end-user experience and greater control, all of which leads to greater participation in the HR systems. The insights gained can then be used by organizational leaders to implement actions that have more direct and positive impacts on the performance of employees.
  • Program management – With digital engagement platform, managers' gain with a large volume of quality data. Other insights would include data dashboards and on-demand reporting that help in analyzing the program performance.
  • Middle management – With digital engagement platform, supervisors and middle-level managers can generate, filter, run and share performance reports to analyze performance and make projections for the future.
  • Senior and executive management – The purpose of senior management is to set the direction and purpose of the organization. Digital engagement platform ensures solutions are linked to the main purpose and that API reporting and data extraction are set to ensure organizational performance is related to the business outcomes.

Indeed, the core function of HR systems should be to facilitate adoption and employee engagement. When the HR system does not offer adoption and engagement, the HR system fails to achieve the ROI and sometimes has high fail rates. A digital engagement platform that delivers performance Intel and other insights can help to measure and monitor results of the organization.

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